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What Is It?

Cialis is a prescription medication used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. It uses the active ingredient tadalafil to allow blood to flow to the pelvis for an erection. Men who suffer from ED for many reasons find the ability to live a normal life even with the condition thanks to Cialis.

Taking Cialis

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Cialis to treat your condition:

• You don't have to take it every day. In most cases, it's not a daily requirement. Instead, you only need to take it when you plan to engage in sexual activity. This allows you to save money because you may only need it once or twice a week

• Cialis comes in different dosages. Your doctor will start off with the dosage they believe is the best choice for you, but they can alter it if the first dosage doesn't yield the results you want

• Cialis provides long-lasting effects. While it's recommended to take the pill 30 minutes to one hour before becoming intimate, you can take it up to 36 hours before. This allows you to be spontaneous and enjoy a romantic encounter as it happens naturally

What You should Know About Cialis

Cialis doesn't work for all men. In others, it may allow you to enjoy intercourse, but it doesn't cure ED. Your doctor will continue to run tests and rule out possible causes as they attempt to find the underlying cause of the impotence.

What the drug does for you is allow you to live a normal life with your spouse or partner even with the condition. It enables you to enjoy a fulfilled life and bring back your self-confidence.


Posted on 9 Jan 2016

Cialis is one of only a handful couple of erectile dysfunction choices accessible which can work for a relatively long timeframe. This length of time of adequacy and additionally the casual way to deal with utilizing the medication take into consideration a much more pleasant and more significant sexual experience than is accessible with other erectile dysfunction pharmaceuticals.


Posted on 21 Jan 2016

A large number of men from everywhere throughout the globe are influenced by erectile dysfunction otherwise called ED or impotence. Men who experience ED can likewise endure other related wellbeing issues. These can incorporate anxiety, uneasiness, dejection and low self-esteem. Men might turn out to be much more apprehensive and on edge when taking part in sexual relations.


Posted on 15 Jan 2016

A gradual upheaval is hitting the business sector for erectile dysfunction drugs - Cialis. The vast majority may not know about it. Lilly ICOS, the pharmaceutical organization, which dispatched the blockbuster drug Cialis, reported that the medication has accomplished over a billion dollars in worldwide deals since propelling in Europe a while back.


Posted on 29 Jan 2016

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem particularly common among men between the ages of 40– 70years. So what exactly is an erectile dysfunction? Well, this is a situation where you either can't get an erection or you can't sustain it long enough to do anything worthwhile. A nightmare for any man.